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AT 1400


Performance Line - Soft Touch Programmable Glass & Dishwashers

Category : Austune Commercial
Model : AT 1400


Stainless steel structure 18/10 AISI 304 with complete thermo-acustic isolation of the hood.
A compact ergonomic stainless steel handle placed in front of the dishwasher, so to avoid a waste of space on the sides.
Wash tank with rounded edges and inclination, thus ensuring the complete drainage of dirty water.
Stainless steel upper and lower wash and rinse arms with particularly shaped jets for keeping them free from solid waste.
High capacity double-boiler system.
Double stainless steel surface filters in the tank with an easily removable basket for collecting solid waste.
Low tension (24V) soft-touch control panel. Temperature thermometer.
Ergonomic control panel in order to make the temperatures and the different working steps easily recognisable.
The programmable THERMOLOCK system ensures that the rinsing cycle starts only at the temperature of 85° C
the ideal temperature for strongly reducing the bacterial load.
Suitable for line or corner installations. Height-adjustable legs.
Hood lifting thanks to a system of balance weights.
The washing cycle starts only when the hood is completely closed.
The appliance stops working if the hood is lifted by chance.
Easily removable rack holding frame and wash and rinse arms for simply cleaning.
Equipped with non-return valve avoiding dirty water to flow back into the main water system (DVGW approved).
Standard equipped with a built-in rinse aid dispenser for the best drying results.
Standard equipped with a built-in connection for detergent dispenser.
Standard equipped with a basket for plates and a basket for cups.

Width: 660 mm
Depth: 790 mm
Height: 1440 mm
Volume: 0.75 m3
Rack dimensions: 500x500 mm
Useful height: 410 mm
Working cycles: 45-90-150 sec
El. power consumption: 9.2 kW
El. power: 230 V/ 3 – 400 V / 3+N/ 50-60 Hz
Dishes/Hour: 1440/720/432
Water Consumption Per Cycle 2.5L


Water Consumption Per Cycle 2.5L