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Turbo Air SD Merchandiser Display Chiller and Freezer

Category : Austune 1800 Fridge
Model : TGF-35SD(W)

Austune Super Deluxe Upright  Freezer1048L
Modern Design Digital Temperature Control System
LED Lighting-Brighter and longer lasting LED lights provide attractive
enhanced illumination compared to fluorescent lights, Energy saving
Shadow Free Advertising Panel
Efficient Refrigeration System
No Electrical Frame Heater Is Needed - Replaced with compressor produced heat
Triple Pane Heated Glass Doors with Heat Reflecting Film
High-Density Polyurethane Insulation
Self-closing,Beep and stay open door features
Bottom Mount Compressor Units with R404a Refrigerant
Rated Temp -16 ~ -24c
8 Shelves as standard
External Dims: W1004 x D809 x H1956mm ( inc Castors total height 2130)
Internal Dims:  W904 x D699 x H1535mm
Weight 231kg. External Finish Colour White
15Amp Insulated Australian Plug
Container Stuffing: 20FT-12,40FT-24
MEPS certified,31.01 kWh/24h/m²


Matching Model Chiller TGM-35SD(W)