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Turbo Air SD Merchandiser Display Chiller and Freezer

Category : Austune 1800 Fridge
Model : TGM-20SD(B)

Austune Super Deluxe  Upright Chiller 495L
Modern Design
LED Lighting-Brighter and longer lasting LED lights provide attractive
enhanced illumination compared to fluorescent lights, Energy saving
Shadow Free Advertising Panel
Efficient Refrigeration System
Double Pane Glass Doors with Heat Reflecting Film
High-Density Polyurethane Insulation
Self-closing and stay open door features
Bottom Mount Compressor Units with R134a Refrigerant
4 Shelves as standard
External Dims: W685 x D670 x H1955mm
Internal Dims:  W585 x D555 x H1530mm
Weight 128kg. External Finish Colour Black Or White
10Amp Insulated Australian Plug
Container Stuffing: 20FT-21,40FT-45
MEPS certified,5.8 kWh/24h/m²


Matching Model Freezer TGF-20SD(B)